GLF hosts the Digital Infra Leaders’ Summit at ITW Africa!


On the cusp of ITW Africa, the summit brought together C-leaders responsible for the future of connectivity across the continent.

The GLF Digital Infra Leaders’ Summit took center stage at ITW Africa, uniting visionary leaders at the forefront of shaping Africa's digital connectivity landscape. This dynamic event was a testament to the global commitment to bridge the digital divide and foster collaboration.

A Collection of Digital Visionaries

The GLF Digital Infra Leaders’ Summit provided a platform for C-leaders entrusted with the responsibility of driving Africa's connectivity revolution. It was a convergence of minds, where members and invitees discussed pivotal issues and shared insights to lay the foundation for a connected African continent.


Addressing the Digital Divide

At the heart of the discussions was the critical role of digital infrastructure in reducing the digital divide. Leaders emphasized that connectivity is a necessity. Bridging the gap between urban and rural areas, ensuring affordable access, and promoting digital understanding were among the core objectives discussed.

Connecting the Unconnected

A recurring theme of the summit was the need to connect the unconnected. Millions in Africa still lack access to basic internet services. The summit participants discussed strategies to reach these populations, ensuring that no one is left behind in the digital revolution.


Collaborative Action Points

The summit was not just a forum for discussion but a push for action. Leaders created collaborative action points to turn ideas into reality. The commitment to transparently share challenges and opportunities are definitely instrumental in achieving the collective vision for Africa's digital future.

The success of the GLF Digital Infra Leaders’ Summit wouldn't have been possible without the active participation of GLF leaders and experts. Special appreciation goes to Delta Partners for their who ensured a coherent and productive discussion. We extend our gratitude to all attendees also.

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