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Defining next generation network architecture to ensure our networks are a relevant pedestal to support future societies and economies.

Topics include:

  • Infra agnosticism
  • Cloudification
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Creating services on top of interoperable infrastructures to create the best value for the community.

Topics include:

  • IoT
  • Web 3.0 - Metaverse
  • CpaaS
  • Fight against Fraud
  • 5G
  • Network Security
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Creating the ‘gold standard’ of interoperability and on-demand services across the operational lifecycle.

Topics include:

  • Data on-demand
  • Automated billing & settlement
  • Data and IA tools
  • API standardisation

Driving diversity and inclusion across the industry and developing the next generation of talent for the international carrier industry.

Topics include:

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
  • Future Leaders

Working Groups

Working Groups

The GLF currently has active working groups for:

    Tomorrow's Telco - Our Mission

    Tomorrow's Telco - Our Mission

    “Tomorrow’s Telco” was produced collaboratively by GLF Board members as a roadmap for network transformation.

    On the 9th November 2022, the ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF) released a collaboratively produced thought piece “Tomorrow’s Telco” that outlines a consensus view on network architecture, capabilities, and requirements needed to meet customer expectations and create value in the coming years.

    This thought piece prompted the redesign of the GLF’s programmes and working groups to specify key areas for collaborative action and focus. The GLF’s mission is to create networks that underpin future digital innovation based on the principles of interoperable, ubiquitous connectivity and value creation.

    The fundamental transformation of the connectivity industry is not optional and the GLF Board has taken a view on the future connectivity requirements so that members can identify the specific areas where we need to work together, and partner with the broader ICT ecosystem, to deliver.

    The GLF Board meeting, held in London in October 2022 alongside Capacity Europe, saw the GLF Board approve both “Tomorrow’s Telco” for publication and the GLF’s new four-pillared programme strategy.

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