GLF elects Obaid Rahman of Axiata as Vice Chair of the Board

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The ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF) announced today that its members have elected Obaid Rahman, Head of Wholesale at Axiata Group as the Vice Chair of the GLF Board.

As Vice Chair of the GLF Board, Obaid will play a pivotal role in the delivery of the collaborative work and strategic vision of the GLF’s members, who include many of the largest international ICT service provider carriers globally.

The Vice Chair position was created in 2022 by the GLF Board whose priorities for 2022-2024 were announced by the GLF in November 2022 within the thought-piece “Tomorrow’s Telco”. The Vice Chair will work closely with the Chair of the GLF Board, Elisabetta Romano who was elected in May 2022 and the full GLF Board to ensure that the GLF’s delivery ambitions are realised. Obaid Rahman succeeds John Nolan into the role who held the position as the AT&T representative on the GLF Board.

Obaid Rahman has been an active and engaged GLF board member since early 2021 after he joined Axiata Group to set up and lead their wholesale business where he is responsible for the consolidation and optimisation of the portfolio across Axiata’s footprint in Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Cambodia. His 25+ years’ experience leading wholesale operations across the globe in many different markets will be highly beneficial to the GLF and the ongoing development and delivery of our programmes.

Upon his election to Vice Chair, Obaid Rahman said:

“I am honoured to be elected as the Vice Chair and very excited to take up this role at a point where the entire sector is going through significant transition. Building the next phase of resilient business models require a robust industry framework and I believe we are addressing it in the most appropriate way under the ‘Tomorrow’s Telco’ theme. I am keen to deliver this agenda alongside Elisabetta, the GLF Board and the wider GLF community.” 

Elisabetta Romano, Chief Network, Operations & Wholesale Officer of TIM and Chair of the GLF Board who nominated Obaid Rahman for the Vice Chair role said:

“It is a great pleasure for me, also on behalf of the GLF Board, to congratulate Obaid for his election as Vice Chair. During this year of tenure as GLF Chair I have had the opportunity to exchange many interesting conversations with Obaid and to fully appreciate his contribution to the debate on the evolution of the industry. I’m sure that his expertise and passion will be of great stimulus and I’m looking forward to collaborating with him to further develop our association and strengthen its role in the ICT ecosystem”.

“Tomorrow’s Telco” is available for download here and includes further details on the GLF Programmes and working groups

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Elena Harris, GLF Community and Communications Manager, ITW Global Leaders’ Forum

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