Supply Chain for Digital Infrastructure – New working group to launch at Datacloud Global Congress

Metro Connect for GLF

The GLF, in collaboration with Broadgroup who run the Datacloud series of events, hosted its first closed-door leadership summit in September 2023 alongside the inaugural Datacloud USA. During this meeting, the ongoing Supply Chain challenge was highlighted as a core issue for project delivery especially for datacenters.

Since then, the GLF has worked with Todd Zabelle, a leader in supply chain strategy to present a new hypothesis to the market - one that leverages the power of collaboration to alleviate supply chain pressures in the short to medium term. Todd and Annabel Helm presented this idea to attendees of the closed-door infrastructure summit at the Metro Connect USA industry event, alongside an invitation to help build a working group focussed on the Supply Chain for Digital Infrastructure. The slides from this presentation can be found below:

Do more with less: less supply chain uncertainty, less carbon, less people (PDF, 6.48 MB)

The GLF and Broadgroup, with the support of Delta Partners, will convene a global leadership summit in Monaco bringing together a maximum of 30 CEOs from carriers and datacenters alongside a few key private equity funds. Supply chain and the launch of this new GLF Community working group will be included on the agenda. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

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