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What's Inside the GLF's Tomorrow's Telco Report?

The ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF) has released a collaboratively produced thought piece “Tomorrow’s Telco” that outlines a consensus view on network architecture, capabilities, and requirements needed to meet customer expectations and create value in the coming years.

This thought piece has prompted the redesign of the GLF’s programmes and working groups in order to specify key areas for collaborative action and focus. The GLF’s mission is to create networks that underpin future digital innovation based on the principles of interoperable, ubiquitous connectivity and value creation.

Contents and highlights:

  • The seven connectivity requirements and four new capabilities that need to be developed
  • What this means for the telecoms industry
  • A 2022-2024 programme framework to make this happen

To download your copy of the report, please complete the form and you will be redirected straight to the document.

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