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What's Inside the Digital Infra Leaders 2024 Global Report - Executive Summary

The Digital Infra Leaders Summits are invitation-only C-level retreats for digital infrastructure owners and operators.

In 2023 and early 2024 exclusive half-day summits were held in Austin, Monaco, Nairobi, Singapore and Dubai. The five summits welcomed a total of 179 executives from 128 companies including 50+ CEOs alongside further C-level positions, Chairmen, Board Members, company founders and broader executive teams.

In this executive summary, we share the main headlines from the discussions. The full detailed report is available exclusively to summit participants, GLF members and TowerXchange subscribers.

To enquire about eligibility for participation in the 2024/25 leadership groups, becoming a GLF member or TowerXchange subscriber please contact Digital Infra Leaders’ Summit Director, Laura Graves at

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