The GLF Community Converges at ITW for Productive Meeting


The GLF Community gathered for a meeting during the pre-event activities of ITW. The meeting featured high profile speakers from the international carriers world.

The GLF Community Meeting on the cusp of ITW was a resounding success! We were delighted to see a vibrant gathering of GLF members who came together to engage in insightful discussions, share innovative ideas, and build meaningful connections. The enthusiasm and active participation of everyone involved made the event truly memorable.

The session was packed with thought-provoking conversations and valuable contributions from our esteemed speakers. We extend our heartfelt thanks to them for sharing their expertise and inspiring us with their insights. Special thanks to:

  • Rolf Nafziger, Senior Vice President, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier

  • Vinod Lala, Chief Strategy Officer, Vonage

  • Warren Aw, Chief Commercial Officer, Epsilon Telecommunications, a KT company

  • Melissa Blassingame, Senior Director, Business Development, Twilio

  • Paul Gampe, Chief Technology Officer, Console Connect

  • Annabel Helm, Managing Director, GLF

Your contributions were instrumental in the success of this meeting, and we are grateful for your time and effort.


The active involvement of our participants was also crucial in making the event engaging and productive. We appreciate your dedication and look forward to your continued participation in future events.

We are excited to continue these conversations and further our collaborative efforts at the GLF Lounge during ITW 2024. We encourage all members to join us there for more opportunities to connect, learn, and innovate together.

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