The GLF's Dynamic Presence at Capacity Middle East 2024

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The GLF made a remarkable impact at Capacity Middle East 2024, reinforcing our commitment to advancing the connectivity industry. The GLF Lounge, meticulously crafted by our dedicated team, emerged as the epicenter of vibrant discussions, facilitating meaningful connections among industry leaders. Throughout the event, the GLF team orchestrated and executed various activities, creating a dynamic space for engagement.

Celebrating GLF Members' Contributions:

We take immense pride in the active participation of our GLF members, who graced Capacity Middle East 2024 with their knowledge and insights. A noteworthy achievement was the presence of GLF members in a total of 19 panel sessions, showcasing their leadership and wisdom in shaping discussions on industry trends and challenges.

Sponsorship Highlights:

Acknowledging the significance of collaboration, we extend our gratitude to FTI Delta for sponsoring the GLF Lounge and hosting a sponsored drinks reception, creating an atmosphere of collaboration. Special thanks also go to i3Forum and BTS for hosting their sponsored breakfast session and drinks reception at the lounge, respectively.


Capacity Middle East's Success:

Congratulations to Capacity Middle East 2024 for orchestrating another groundbreaking event. The seamless integration of incredible panels, engaging social events, and extensive networking opportunities underscored the event's success in bringing together industry leaders and encouraging collaboration.

GLF Accelerator Programme's Impact:

A pivotal moment during the event occurred at e&’s Innovation Centre, where the bright minds of the GLF Accelerator Programme gathered for a day of collaboration and breakthroughs. The programme, dedicated to nurturing emerging talents in connectivity, aims to cultivate the next wave of C-level leaders who will drive innovation and shape the industry's future. Find out more about the GLF Accelerator here.

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GLF Community Meeting Highlights:

The GLF VIP Lounge hosted the GLF Community meeting during day 2 of Capacity Middle East. This exclusive session facilitated insightful discussions, collaborative exchanges, and networking opportunities among GLF members. The meeting included the presentation of data from the Annual Pulse Survey of 2024, building on the time series of industry sentiment, trends, priorities, and risks.

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Continued Engagement:

The GLF remains committed to developing a connected environment within the connectivity industry. The Annual Pulse Survey, initiated since 2021, will continue to provide valuable insights into the industry's landscape, including organic investment, M&A activities, and new business model development.

We extend heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the GLF Lounge, GLF Accelerator Programme, and the GLF Community meeting.

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