GLF Accelerator Bootcamp Inspires and Equips the Next Generation of C-Level Leaders

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The Global Leaders' Forum (GLF) recently concluded its highly anticipated three-day GLF Accelerator Bootcamp, an immersive experience that brought together CEOs and leading figures from across the connectivity industry. The bootcamp aimed to cultivate and accelerate the GLF Accelerator participants through a series of engaging workshops, enlightening panel sessions, and enriching masterclasses.

What is the GLF Accelerator?

The GLF Accelerator a ground-breaking programme for executive leaders in international telecoms. The GLF Accelerator is the first of its kind, an executive leadership programme designed by telco leaders to support and enable the next generation C-Leaders of international connectivity businesses.

Learn more about the programme here.

A Collaborative Journey:

From the offset, the GLF Accelerator Bootcamp developed a productive atmosphere where our GLF Accelerator participants were given insights by connectivity industry CEO's and key figures. The bootcamp was the most recent milestone in the development of this year's group of participants. Where so far, our participants have undergone CC-Level mentorship, CEO Shadowing, Access to Industry Leaders, Curated Boot-Camps, and been provided with the Latest Industry Trends and Insights.

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Dynamic Hosts for Each Day:

The three-day bootcamp unfolded with each day being hosted by prominent organisations in the industry. Day 1 was hosted by Colt Technology Services, known for its cutting-edge solutions in network services. The second day was hosted by EXA Infrastructure, renowned for its innovative approaches to infrastructure development. Finally, day 3 was hosted by FTI Delta, a key player in the telecommunications industry. These hosting organisations played a pivotal role in curating a diverse and enriching experience for participants.

Insights from Industry Leaders:

Throughout the GLF Accelerator Bootcamp, CEOs and key figures from Colt, EXA, FTI Delta, Vodafone, BT Wholesale, Salesforce, and many more organizations shared their valuable insights. Workshops delved into current industry trends, emerging technologies, and strategic approaches to leadership. Panel sessions provided a platform for thought-provoking discussions, with topics including ensuring a diverse future for the telecoms industry, and how private capital views digital infrastructure.

While masterclasses in the likes of Google Sprint, Driving People and Change Transformation, and IoT and CPaaS, allowed participants to delve deeper into specific areas for development and the industry as a whole.


Networking Opportunities:

In addition to the powerful sessions, the bootcamp provided key networking opportunities. Participants had the chance to connect with seasoned professionals, creating a platform for mentorship, collaboration, and exchanging of ideas. The connections forged during these three days contributed to strengthening the individual networks of each participant.

Key Takeaways:

Participants left with not only enhanced skills but also a broader perspective on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the rapidly evolving connectivity landscape.

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Looking to the Future:

The bootcamp, amongst the past year's GLF Accelerator activites, served as a springboard for the participants, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and guidance necessary to navigate and excel in the dynamic world of connectivity.

Join the Next Cohort of GLF Accelerator Participants:

We are now opening up the availability for individuals from GLF member organisations to join the next cohort of the GLF Accelerator.

If you'd like to participate or nominate someone in your organisation to join the next cohort of the GLF Accelerator, email us at

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